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Sep 3, 2013 - Best New Jersey cities

There are really endless number of places to visit when one is in New Jersey but often times, we know nothing much about the smaller cities. In this article, we would like to highlight a couple of New Jersey’s top neighborhoods and cities which we think one should visit with or without a shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus or party bus. The ones we would like to highlight would be Atlantic City, Jersey City and of course, Newark.

Atlantic City is naturally known as the East Coast’s version of Las Vegas. Gaming enthusiasts will easily and quickly fall in love with the sheer number of options as far as casino is concerned. Many charter bus New Jersey tourists come here specifically for the casinos and entertainment and even if you are not a fan of gaming, it is fun to just walk and stroll around enjoying the fun and exciting atmosphere. Sometimes, you feel like you are ready to be a part of all the excitement without having to play the games with others. And besides, there is plenty of activities like watersports, museums, golfing, beaches and kid-friendly activities. One of the most popular activities in Atlantic City is the Wild West themed amusement parks.

Jersey City is the second most popular tourist hotspot for New Jersey and the second most populous as well. There are benefits to being located slightly across from the lower Manhattan downtown area - tourists and easy to locate restaurants, cafes and entertainment and it has something to do with the growing population. Tourists and vacationers often find themselves falling deeply in love with new waterfront areas like Newport and Exchange Place which is located very near residential area (for a very good reason) but is growing in popularity for foreign tourists. Take a charter bus rental ride through to popular districts like The Heights or what most locals prefer to call the Jersey City Heights.

Newark, although suffering from a rather negative image in the past (known as New York’s ‘tough’ neighborhood), has come to become a popular New Jersey tourist attractions because there is an ever growing effort to turn it around. There is a major International Airport in Newark and new art galleries, entertainment outlets, parks and historically significant buildings being restored and promoted to tourists. If you have kids with you during your New Jersey charter bus rental trip here, bringing them to the mini zoo, planetarium, parks and live performances.

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