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Dec 1, 2012 - Ladies Night Out in New Jersey

Grab your girls, put on your best outfit and head out for a girls-only night with New Jersey party bus. Start by booking party bus from Bus Companies NJ and show the world what it’s like when the girls paint the town red, pink, or any colour that matches your outfit!

Nothing is sexier than pole dancing, and you can hold a girly party for a hen’s night, a birthday bash or just plain ol’ fun at Exotic Dance Workshops. All is needed is a 8 – 10 feet ceiling and a lot of passion. After you learn how to spin, do the thing with the pole and the floor, you can even learn how to striptease and lap-dance with no extra charge. I am sure your man would appreciate all the sexy moves you are about to learn not to mention the fab shape you would be in to party even longer with a party bus.

For something with a little lesser exertion, swing by “Just Bead Yourself” in New Jersey in your rented charter bus. You get to bead some fancy stuff with the help of their bead specialist, and of course you get to grab some wine and cheese while you enjoy making your own fancy jewelry for a bridal shower, hen’s party, birthday bash or a ladies night out.

If you are coming from somewhere which is always cold and dreary, why don’t you hop on to a large party bus and get them to send you to Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor Water Park for some tropical drinks, relaxing in a hot tub, or even a spot of dancing to their local house DJ music.
So get out of the snow, get your girls together, book your ride from a reputable charter bus company like Bus Companies NJ and enjoy a ladies’ night out unlike any other you’ve ever experienced before.