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Nov 16, 2012 - Last of the Nazi Air Giants at Lakehurst

Take a step back into history by booking a party bus, charter bus, mini bus, school bus or tour bus with Bus Companies NJ and visit the site of one of the world’s greatest aircraft tragedies of its time
in Lakehurst, New Jersey, where lies one of the world’s then largest and most famous aircraft disasters of all time.

One of the most famous filmed air disaster of the twentieth century was when the Zepplin Hindenburg, a proud Nazi airship fleet and the largest aircraft ever made being 804 feet long with more than 7 illion cubic feet of combustible hydrogen, burned and crashed to the ground.
This crash was one of the most visually spectacular television footage as the sight of a huge, burning air craft crashed into the ground remained firmly planted in the memories of whoever that witnessed it. Having said that, now there are many rental bus visitors who visit this place to experience how it was like at that time and try to connect themselves to those who witnessed the event.

As the zeppelin was landing at a Navy Base in Lakehurst, New Jersey on May 6, 1937, it burst into flames and crashed. 36 people perished at that accident and the popularity of zeppelins as a transatlantic mode of transport plummeted to the ground.

The site where that zeppelin crashed till now is still a part of an active Navy base and surprisingly, the Hindenburg is still there; just whatever that is left of it. Although some might find this place depressing, some think of it as an important part of New Jersey’s aviation history.
For charter bus visitors who want to have a tour of the crash site can do so, but would need to apply to be screened by the authorities weeks in advance. The actual spot where the zeppelin crashed is marked clearly with a metal silhouette turned by winds, sitting on top a pole, as well as an anchor-chain outline of the Hindenburg on the ground.

Just nearby in the Airship Information Center, there is a small museum where you can find artifacts and memorabilia. Not far from there, you would find the gigantic Hangar 1 which was used to shelter the Hindenburg and now, there is a life-sized replica of that zeppelin’s control car held there. There are also other artifacts such as a neon and metal blimp sign which used to hand outside the now defunct Lakehurst Motel, as well as other small items salvaged from the crash such as a drinking cup, a fork with Hindenburg logo, and a section of the largest piece of the airship called a girder.

There's simply too much to see but it is highly recommended for anyone making a bus charter mini bus trip to New Jersey so book your trip today with Bus Companies NJ to see what air travel could have become, if the Nazi’s had won or if the Hindenburg had never crashed.