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Dec 2, 2013 - Of Comedy and Nature

We are getting a lot of queries about what families can do during winter time...something that does not require a truckload of spare spending cash and long travel hours and hopefully, something within Garden City. That’s not too hard an answer to find, really and here, we have a few suggestions for you and our New Jersey charter bus rental customers.

Get that dry, British humor going

It’s holiday season so, we need to spread some hope, cheer and the good ole belly laughter all around and there is no better place to share all of that awesomeness than watching Brit-inspired comedy act which spins a tale around Monty Python and The Holy Grail. As we all know, both these stories are renowned all over the world, they come in musical and theatrical forms...but this is one of those comedic acts that you just can’t miss. It tells the legendary tales of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. Loads of songs, dancing, hilarious lines and they throw in some funny sexy, dancing divas just to spice up the act.

This famous act has come to NJ and they are showing at The Kelsey Theatre at MCCC, 1200 Old Trenton Rd., West Windsor, New Jersey 28550 only from November 15 to December 1, 2013. Give them a call at 609-570-3333 or 609-570-3586 for more information.

Get outdoors at Poricy Park Conservatory

The weather can be dreary and the last thing you might have in mind is sticking your legs into boots and layering up for the snow outside but this is the perfect time to just forget about the overflowing refrigerator and just have a look around what is left over from autumn’s majestic presence. The Poricy Park Conservatory’s Left Over Hike takes you around the conservatory’s awe-inspiring trails and it usually ends up at 1770’s Murray Farmhouse.

Oh, don’t let us hear you groaning yet. The hike around the trail right up to the farmhouse will only take an hour and a half, providing you with much needed breath of fresh air, we are sure. It starts at 10am and ends at 11.30am, right before you are ready for a hearty lunch.

Poricy Park is one of the few ecologically unchanged locations within New Jersey and it measures up to 250 acres, which makes it the largest and most magnificent in all of Monmouth County.

So, get the New Jersey charter bus rental driver to bring you around to Poricy Park Conservatory at 345 Oak Hill Rd., Red Bank, NJ 007701 or give them a call at 732-842-5966 to book yourself up for the tour/hike.